$('#drop15').bt('Appreciate and Conserve
Water has a long journey to get here, so we must use it wisely.
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$('#drop16').bt('SCV Family of Water Suppliers
Four water suppliers serve SCV residents and businesses.
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$('#drop17').bt('Alluvium and Saugus Aquifers
Saugus Aquifer supplies the other half of SCV’s water.
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$('#drop18').bt('California Aqueduct
A 700+ mile aqueduct supplies Southern California water.
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$('#drop19').bt('Castaic Lake Water Agency
CLWA supplies about half of SCV’s water.
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$('#drop20').bt('Castaic Lake
SCV’s water flows to Castaic Lake for storage until use.
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where your water comes from


Santa Clarita Water

California Aqueduct

In order to supply water to the growing populations of Southern California, engineers needed to develop adequate and reliable systems capable of moving water along the 700+ mile journey from Northern to Southern California. The system, formally known as the State Water Project includes:

  • 33 Dams
  • 34 Storage Facilities, Reservoirs and Lakes
  • 25 Pumping and Hydro-Electric Generation Plants
  • 701 Miles of Aqueducts

Castaic Lake

For the Santa Clarita Valley, the State Water Project water ends its journey in Castaic Lake where it is stored until it is used to provide clean drinking water.

Castaic Lake Water Agency

Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA) is a public water wholesaler that provides about half of the water to the Santa Clarita Valley. CLWA operates three treatment plants, three pump stations, three storage facilities, and over 45 miles of transmission pipelines.

Alluvium and Saugus Aquifers

The other half or our water is supplied through groundwater sources including shallow alluvial wells and much deeper water sources from the Saugus Aquifer formation.

SCV Family of Water Suppliers

LA County Water Works 36, Newhall County Water District, Santa Clarita Water Division and Valencia Water Company each independently own and operate water systems that extract, store, pump, treat, blend and supply both ground and State Water Project water to the majority of residents and businesses within the Santa Clarita Valley. The City of Santa Clarita is also a member of the Santa Clarita Valley of Water Suppliers and works to promote water conservation and community sustainability.

Appreciate and Conserve

When we turn on our faucets, showers, sprinklers and flush our toilets, wash clothes or dishes, we now know the remarkable journey that each drop of water had to make in order to meet our needs. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why we should highly value and make good use of each and every drop of water.

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